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Connecting people to their loved ones, assets and businesses, Machine to Machine and Big Data. Cumii brings to life a vision where “everything on the African continent is connected”.

Cumii On Demand

Cumii Demand services

We provide real time platforms to connect users to their nearest service provider, saving them time and money through increased efficiencies.


Technites are trained and certified technicians that are deployed to customer sites on an on demand basis. They offer flexible resources through an uber-like technological platform. The Demand Service Company earns a commission on amount billed to the customer for the work done. The main services offered include the following amongst other things:

  • Technites: Installation (DTH & FTTH) Maintenance and Repairs (ATM, Plumbing, Electrical repairs)
  • Salesnites: specialised sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) personnel that will help you generate and convert leads to convert to sales.

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Tasknites are researchers that improve how companies and organisations serve their stakeholders. They collect and provide key information in real time which allows clients to act on current intelligence while it is still valid. The main services offered include;

  • Retail Audits
  • Secret Shopping
  • Consumer Experience Surveys
  • Market Research
  • General Data Collection

Shared logistics offers a comprehensive logistics solutions for our clients covering the following key areas.

  • People transport – an uber-like solution that moves people from one point to another through the use of Cell phone based app that links the drivers and the clients.
  • Last mile delivery – involves movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination. This utilises motorbikes to manoeuvre traffic in congested cities as well as to deliver the service at the lowest cost for the client. The platform utilises a mobile application to request and dispatch with zero human intervention. The service is executed with zero human intervention.
  • Haulage truck logistics - is a technology based platform that connects a Cargo owner with a truck owner with the help of a mobile application.

cumii Telecomms

Is a an infrastructure and power management company which specialises in the engineering, servicing and power management of telecom towers.

Distributed Power Africa
DPA Logo

This is a dynamic African renewable energy solutions company that seeks to ensure that businesses and individuals have access to affordable and efficient green energy at zero start up cost. We believe that solar energy is one of the five things that will leapfrog Africa to the next level.

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Drone Africa – provide services that render drone solutions across multiple verticals within Africa. Some of the solutions offered are;

  • Agriculture - Multispectral Surveying and Spraying
  • Game Monitoring - Anti-poaching Initiatives; Search and Rescue
  • Asset Maintenance - Cellphone Tower Maintenance, Power Line Inspections and Solar Panel Inspections
  • Police and Public Service
  • Video and Photography
  • Mapping and Surveying