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What we offer.

What we offer.

Innovative connective technology to transform lives, businesses and the global economy.


We place the latest technology at our customers’ disposal to monitor, control and manage diabetes and blood pressure of patients across the continent. We’ve also built a network of healthcare practitioners, mobile operators and healthcare insurers to improve life for sufferers of these conditions. Just another way in which Cumii is improving people’s lives.


For total peace of mind, Cumii Home gives you control over your home security and energy management. It uses high-end alarm systems, sensors, indoor & outdoor IP cameras and rapid response services. Another key benefit is that Cumii Home offers remote access to your home.


Cumii Connected-Car offers you fleet management, personal vehicle management services, stolen vehicle recovery, insurance and asset tracking for everything from containers right down to your kids! The benefits are astounding and include fuel savings of up to 20%, increased productivity and real time vehicle tracking. Cumii Connected-Car puts you in the driver’s seat when managing your assets anywhere, any time.


Monitor and manage the energy costs of your home or business from wherever you are. Apart from telling you how much power you are currently consuming, Cumii Energy lets you regulate your lights, geyser, aircon, pool and any other electrical appliance you choose to add, by only runninig them when needed. You can control your devices onsite through your touchscreen smart hub or through a computer, tablet or Smartphone when you’re offsite. You won’t only be saving money but helping to save the planet too.


Have any product installed at your home or business by simply selecting it from the menu on our Technites App. The app. will find the closest technicians to your location and allow you to choose who you want and when you want them. Then, after a small call-out fee has been paid through EcoCash, they will arrive to install anything from a vehicle tracker or home security system to a satellite dish or a fibre optic connection. With the Technites App. installation is literally at your fingertips. Become a Super Technite Become a Technite Super Technite Login Technite Login

Who we are.

Who we are.

We’re a company that focuses on disruptive technology that transforms Africa.

About us.

About us.

At Cumii we specialise in disruptive technologies that transform lives, businesses and the global economy.

Our philosophy and DNA is built from the “The Internet of Things” (a vision where everything is connected), “Machine to Machine” and Big Data.

Our mission.

Our mission.

To bring connected things and transformation to Africa.

Our vision.

Our vision.

Connecting everything that is important, with you at the centre.


Our Leader.

Norman Moyo

Norman Moyo

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Norman Moyo, the Chief Executive of Cumii International. With 15 years of experience in Telecoms across seven African markets, and his incredible successes in growing market shares for Celtel Zambia and Celtel Nigeria, it comes as no surprise that he has been awarded the prestigious Global Telecoms “Top 40 Under 40 Telecoms Leadership Award”.


Frequently asked questions.



What health care devices does Cumii Health provide?

Cumii Health has a blood pressure monitor and a Glucose strip monitor in the initial range of products. More products will eventually be added.


What is special about what Cumii health offers?

Cumii Health offers a patient-doctor integrated service whereby the doctor can monitor a patient while the patient is at home or at another location. There is also a graphical display of the data, report, alert and message capabilities.

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Why cumii?

Why cumii?

Our use of technology sets us apart and speaks for itself...


We’ve combined security, energy management and health products into one intelligent system.


Everything can be controlled onsite or remotely.


See what’s happening in your home or business by accessing the camera option.


Look out for your family members with intelligent movement and sleep pattern monitoring.


The system can run for up to 12 hours without external power.

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Connect with us.

Connect with us.

A presence in 3 African countries, we’ll connect you wherever you are.

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